"Leaving Me - Terza Rima," a poem by Robert Winton '17

The screen door slammed shut behind your gossiping boots,

Walking away from the empire we had planted and sown,

Leaving half a throne and none of my heart, you ripped away our roots.

Through your class five hurricanes I was a steadfast pillar of stone,

I catered to your every desire and attempted to avoid each fight,

Remembering the days we had each other memorized down to the very bone.

Let us go back to watching sunsets that fade into velvet night,

Picnic blankets and my arm as a pillow were all we needed to soar,

Flying higher than the meteors blazing against the sky so bright.

Now when I look into your eyes I can’t find the ocean anymore,

Even our irises differ, no longer pale marbles reflecting off one another,

I couldn’t name one similarity between us when you walked out that door.

But I still could name ten thousand reasons why we should love each other,

Because even after our worst arguments, you will always be my brother.