ASB Candidate Statements 2016

ASB candidates were asked to write a 300 word statement that includes their leadership experience, motivation for being in ASB and what they hope to accomplish in this position: 

Simon Kessel

I went to SAAS for 6th and 7th grade, left for 8th grade to live in France, and came back to SAAS for High School. The experience of leaving SAAS and coming back as reinforced for me just how great SAAS is and how much I value the experience, people, and education I have had. I feel that I owe SAAS. But we all know that SAAS is not perfect. So I want to be elected to ASB to make changes that will benefit our community.

I believe I should be elected to the ASB because I have ideas and a vision for how to make SAAS even better, and have the leadership experience and skills to make that vision a reality.

I have several specific proposals for how to improve SAAS. First, if elected, I would move the start time back by a half hour, so that SAAS students can get more sleep. I have studied our schedule, and we can actually move the start time back by 30 minutes, not move the end time back, and still have the same number of instructional hours over the year. Second, I have several proposals to boost school spirit: movie screenings in the Stream, video game tournaments, free food at sporting events to boost attendance, and board games in various common areas. Third, after talking with several female friends, I have learned that free, available tampons would be a great thing to have. I will implement this as an ASB member.

My leadership experience has prepared me to be an ASB member. I am the leader of several clubs and have the the captain of several sports teams. What I am most proud of is taking the Ethics Bowl team from 6th place to a State Championship and undefeated season, because it demonstrates my leadership and organizational skills. I think I can transfer what I have learned from leading clubs to being an effective, efficient, ASB member.


Jack Foy

I have been at SAAS since 6th grade and always very involved in the SAAS community. I have participated in many sports during my time here, and have many friends that participate in a wide range of activities from the onions to youth leg to bee club. I understand what it is like to be a student at SAAS and participate in many extracurriculars inside and outside of school. If elected I would do my best to ensure every SAAS student is enjoying their high school experience. If elected I will also be honest. I will not give students false hopes by promising undoable things, but I will work as hard as possible to accomplish goals that are capable of being accomplished. I would be open to converse about any suggestion.


Olivia Miller

I may not be the most comedic candidate, however, my strength is that I will get stuff done because of my passion, drive, and enthusiasm for anything that I enjoy, which includes leadership and spirit. During my freshman and sophomore years at Holy Names, I was an ASB representative for my class. I am on the B.P. Nordstrom Fashion Board for the second year; I am involved in sports (cross-country, track, and lacrosse), and enjoy writing and creating art. I love supporting SAAS, and am all about school spirit. I always dress up for spirit days and encourage participation in school events. I’ve gone to vocal and dance shows as well as many sports events and both Fall Sports and Basketball Mania. When others describe me, they note my compassion for others, motivation, creativity, and positivity. If I were elected, some ideas I have include a school scavenger hunt among other activities and games against each grade where you can earn “spirit points” that are totaled at the end of the year in which a prize would be given to the class that won. I think it would be really cool if we put on a “Glow Dance” at the beginning of the year, as well as possibly having a live performance at Winterball. I would also try to get food trucks at Fall Sports and Basketball Mania. Ultimately, it is my goal to bring more spirit and community closeness to SAAS than when I arrived.


Eleanor Jennings

I want to run for ASB because I think I offer an accurate perspective of what the SAAS community wants, and I can powerfully advocate for what the student body needs. I have been at SAAS since the sixth grade so I have been involved in the community for several years. I participate in the Girl’s Varsity Soccer team, Track, Speech and Debate, and several clubs at SAAS including Bee club, and Interesting Well-rounded Individuals club. I have taken on several leadership roles throughout my six years at SAAS, and have learned what works and what doesn’t in a position that advocates for a large group of people. I am a strong group organizer, and work well collaborating with other people.

If elected as your ASB, I would listen to what the student body wants and do everything I can to make that happen. I would also do my best to make next year as easy and fun as possible.


Else-Rose Ratzliff

I believe I would do an amazing job as an ASB representative. My past leadership roles at SAAS include being a student facilitator for the past two years and a middle school mentor. Outside of school, I have held positions on multiple boards including 14/48:HS, a student run 24 hour theater festival. If elected, I have two specific areas that I would focus on. First, I would like to make all school information more accessible by having ASB accounts on all social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. This will make communication easier because the information will be where students already their spend time. My second area of focus would be community engagement. For example, I loved having a barista cart during finals week. I want to take actives and ideas like that and incorporate them every last Friday of each month to create fun Fridays and make SAAS an even more enjoyable place. If you want a fun and dedicated ASB leader then Vote for Else Ratzliff!


Army Olsen

I would like to be in ASB because I would to reduce meeting time at school meetings and make the lunch line something of the past. Most of all I want to listen to you, the people. I think the school is all about you. I will be able to get items passed because I have been in other leadership position including class representative and lacrosse captain. When meetings do happen I would like to make them entertaining--maybe we could have Gary fly some drones around. Overall, I think that ASB should serve you. I am the best candidate do this because I will listen to you. 

Emma Lam

It is unbelievable to think how I’ve changed since I began 6th grade at SAAS. I am almost ready to decide where I will spend the next four years in college, and I have the SAAS community to thank. I remember being an 8th grader and witnessing the upper school ASB spread their excitement to the rest of the school. They made it cool to show their enthusiasm about something they love. It is my goal to promote such school spirit and make spirit weeks and other events something that people actually care about, and not just events they are obligated to attend. To spend our time more productively bonding as a community, I’d also like to eliminate many of the class meetings that could be summarized in a single email, and add more interactive activities like field days. As a junior class representative, I have worked up close with ASB and feel ready to take on the responsibilities. This year I wanted more of a leadership role so I reached out to the faculty to become a middle school mentor. I am also a year round swimmer, along with being on the speech team and a co-leader of Health & Nutrition Club. I know the challenges of juggling a busy schedule! I want to can make the high school experience more manageable and fun for you! Thanks for taking the time to read this message.