WB Jams: Responses, Trends, and the Dance

In a form The Cardinal sent out to the student body, students were asked to share one or two songs they would be most excited to hear at Winter Ball. The form was then shared with the DJ so that the students’ requests could be considered for the playlist. After only three days, 120 students responded. With a closed form and the night's music still ringing in our ears, I decided to share the most popular trends in the requests and the songs the ended up getting people the most hyped at Winter Ball.

From Britney to Fetty to Tchaikovsky, SAAS students expressed interest in all sorts of genres, tempos, and moods. Popular artists included A$AP Rocky, Beyoncé, Wes Walker, Future, Drake, and, of course, the prolific Drake & Future duo. Two people even suggested the Soundcloud account of a current student should be played at the dance. The strongest, and most surprising, trend in the responses was a recurring request for the song LEMME SMANG IT by Yung Humma, featuring Flynt Flossy. A six-year old rap song with an even more dated music video, LEMME SMANG IT seems to have found its way into the heads of a new generation.

As predicted, many others used the anonymity of the form to make what I can only hope are jokes. Requests for the Space Jam theme song, the Gummy Bear Song, Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid, Thrift Shop (Kidz Bop edition), and “Banana Minion Song” stuck out to me as particularly sarcastic.

Among the responses, my favorites were One Touch (feat. AlunaGeorge & Rae Sremmurd) by Baauer, Right Hand by Drake, Jimmy Choo by Fetty Wap, Missy Elliot (in general), Get Me Bodied by Beyoncé, #BBHMM, and the Super Mario Bros theme song. 

At the dance, it seemed like throwbacks got the most people dancing, with songs like Taio Cruz's Dynamite and Fergie's Glamorous making the biggest splashes. However, with a perfectly acceptable (although not ideal) amount of Missy Elliot, the right amount of Drake (maybe one more could've been OK), and Cascada's Everytime We Touch, the dance floor stayed pretty packed all night. Hello by Adele served as one of the much needed slow songs/chances to catch your breath, and, inevitably, its R&B counterpart Hotline Bling made an appearance towards the end of the night. After all the quans had been hit, and after two and a half hours of adult-supervised fun, the DJ played Evacuate the Dance Floor and the night was over. 

Make sure to let ASB know what you thought of the dance, and start thinking about what you want to hear at prom, juniors and seniors!