ASB Candidate Statements 2015



       ASB candidates were asked to write a 300 word statement that includes their leadership experience, motivation for being in ASB and what they hope to accomplish in this position: 


Isaiah Barnett

There is no one reason why I want to be apart of ASB. But if I had to choose one it would be the fact the the ASB is the voice for all of the grades. I am not perfect nor do I claim to be or want to be. I make mistakes and that's was makes me relatable. I feel that students at Seattle Academy, deserve someone who they can come and voice their concerns to. They deserve someone who will listen to them, and will understand them. Being a student facilitator has given me the chance to listen to the issues that the freshmen and sophomores have. I am junior so I know the pressures that high school puts on the junior class. What I want accomplish in this position, is the feeling of being comfortable as well as the feeling of being pushed in to an uncomfortable position, meaning I want students at SAAS to know that its alright to be your self and try new thing even if your scared. I want students to feel wanted, loved, and appreciated. The job of the ASB is just putting on great dances and spirit day (which I will do), but it more about the way you make people feel.

Evan Brown

I would like to serve as an all school ASB representative because of the opportunities that I would bring to the table. I also feel that I could contribute organizational skills to help in governing our student body. I was a representative in the House System my sophomore year, and I now wish to bring those skills I learned into the All School Student Government. I am a part of Student Facilitators and an ambassador for a non-profit organization called Friendship Circle. I was the captain of my previous soccer team for two years, and I try to carry those leadership skills into my daily school life. I am now one of three captains on the Seattle Academy Varsity Soccer Team. I believe people will vote for me because they will see someone who can bring a new type of leadership to student government. I am hoping that I can accomplish what the people want accomplished. I think that every year people run on what they want to change, and in the long run, they do not make those changes. I want to run by saying that I run for the people and that I will change what they want. I would do this by setting up a two Google surveys each trimester with about ten options of problems or ideas that kids could choose from. I would also add a suggestion box where you could write a suggestion of an issue. And remember: “No need to frown while Brown is in Town.”

Hannah Fleischmann

I have attended Seattle Academy since 6th grade and am so excited to run for ASB. I love our school and am very dedicated to making it the best it can possibly be.

This year I was elected one of the Junior Class representatives and, along with organizing a grade-wide Valentine’s Day card exchange and planning for our awesome retreat, I worked alongside of the rest of ASB to plan dances, Spirit Week, and brainstorm ways to get the rest of the student body involved. I had so much fun working on these events and learned what it means to be a part of our community and of the ASB family. If elected, I will bring this insightful knowledge I gained to my role in ASB in order to make next year even more efficient and successful.

Along with being a Junior Class representative, I am a Student Facilitator, where I help the 9th graders work through some of the challenges of transitioning into high school. Through this, I gained tons of leadership and communication experience I would be excited to use to better our community in any way I can. I am very involved in Speech and Debate and Theater which have made me comfortable with public speaking— a valuable skill I will use when talking to the student body and administration about important issues (and silly announcements).

But the most important thing you should know about me (other than my intense love of food) is that I am overwhelmed with pride to be part of our incredible school. Every day I get to be among all of you: unique, smart, and talented students. If elected, I will listen to each and every one of you amazing people and work hard to make next year the best year yet!

Will Fleming

I am used to performing. I have danced, acted, sang, and lip-synced on stage. I like hearing laughs and shouts and applause coming after those performances. But every time I have gotten such a positive reaction, it was from a SAAS crowd, and not a crowd of people who opted to see me. These were people required to be there, who, despite whatever resentment they may hold for a Monday Morning Meeting, decided to cheer on a teenage boy living his dream, twerking in the splits in front of his whole high school. In these moments, the SAAS student body shows me what amazing people they truly are.

Just this year, while I served on the Junior ASB, we coordinated a Valentine’s Day card-exchange, where each person in the Junior class was randomly assigned a classmate to write a card for. After, I never heard of a person who did not get a card, or any person who got a negative card. Not only did I help organize this event, I also saw again the surprising beauty of the community of the SAAS student body.

Now, I want to give back, to help the students of SAAS by being an alert and organized member of the ASB. I believe there is an efficient way to discuss and decide on the issues we SAAS students face today. I believe I can lend guidance to this way. I think I can hold court in front of my peers while listening to what they have to say. I have been practicing for the 2014-2015 school year.

If I were the voting student at SAAS, I would ask people who know me if I am competent, entertaining, and understanding. I hope the answer is yes, but mostly, I hope I can please you.  

 Jackson Gannon

 I want to initiate meaningful reform, spark new ideas, empower the student body, organize poppin’ dances, and spread the love. I want to send Monday Morning Meeting emails with pictures of puppies in them and I want gender-neutral bathrooms in the Stream Building. I want to listen to each and every student and I want to turn as many ideas into actions as possible. Finally, I want someone to post that I’m cute on After School already. It’s been like a week since the app was made... Get it together, guys.
       I believe I am extremely qualified to both fulfill these wants and to address, act on, and advocate the wants of the student body.

       As a current ASB representative for the Junior class, I have the great fortune of working alongside my peers to build an open, engaging, exciting, and food-filled community within the grade— a community I wish to help build within the school as a whole. My role as a representative also allowed me to work with a core team of representatives to create the ASB Suggestion Box, a place where students can communicate directly with their representatives.
       In addition to the invaluable lessons I’ve learned as a representative this year, my three years at the Cardinal have taught me a lot as well. I recently became Editor-in-Chief of the Cardinal, a job which involves talking to administration, leading meetings, and making sure what should be done, gets done.
       Aside from my leadership experience, my work ethic, academic achievements, passion, and deep love for the student body all reflect my character and eligibility for being part of the ASB next year.

       Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I hope I will be able to serve as one of your ASB representatives next year.

Nick Heymann

What I noticed in my first year of ASB is the amount of good ideas receiving no action. I want to change that. Leadership for change is a passion of mine. I was on the leadership committee in 8th grade at SAAS and ASB in my Freshman year. I don’t want to be complacent and watch decisions be made around me without having a say. ASB gives me the platform to eliminate this possibility. In a well run student government every student has a say, and that is what I plan to administer.

SAAS is rapidly changing around us, new buildings are going up, new ones are being planned, and new classes are appearing on the registration forms. While I’m sure the SAAS developmental team is doing a great job handling this, I feel obliged to aid in the process. Whether this is doing something as simple as holding a second US informal dance to raise funds for the new buildings being planned, or an event more of greater magnitude such as a student produced fundraising concert. Ideas like these are doable and not only financially support our SAAS community but bring us closer together.

Fundraisers aren’t the only idea I’m hoping to mobilize. High school is stressful and weeks are long and tiresome. Who doesn’t enjoy a Friday spent giving back to the community, while having fun with your friends and earning valuable service hours. Although the 9th grade student government tried to install something like this this year we did not get there. But there is no reason it shall not be achieved in the near future.

Thank you

Madolyn Laurine

I have had the pleasure of being a new student this year, which has given me the oppertunity to see SAAS with fresh eyes. A lot of people have gone here since 6th grade, and have grown accustomed to the SAAS way of spirit. But with my fresh eyes, I come to realize that we as a student body are not having enough fun together! If I were to be elected to the Associated Student Body, I would implement monthly spirit weeks with themes that people actually enjoy - you will not see a single student dressed as their favorite teacher, regular challenges centered around Class Rivalries, and better oppertunitis to support our sports teams!



Kelsey Malone    

Hi! I am Kelsey Malone, and currently a Junior. Over the course of my time at SAAS I have participated in many clubs, and been apart of the Student Facilitators. By sending emails, baking snacks, and organizing events, I exercised my leadership and organization skills in all my activities.
When, starting the Health and Nutrition Club I was required to reach out and create a relationship with the SAAS administration. My ability to proactively reach out to teachers and administrators will prove to be very useful if I get elected as a member of ASB.
Unfortunately, like many other SAAS students, I considered transferring out of SAAS in my Freshman year. This was due to SAAS’s lack of community, and school spirit.
At the end of the day, staying at SAAS was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, because of the opportunities and relationships this school has provided.
I’ve made it a personal goal to improve SAAS’s sense of community and “Rah Rah” school spirit so that future freshman will not find themselves in my previous position. Being elected to ASB will take me one step closer to making SAAS the best experience for ALL of us.

Allow me to list a couple of my goals for the 2015-16 school year:
-A daily snack/coffee option in the Stream Building at morning break
-Food Trucks at Lunch! (Skillet, Plum, Café Vita, ETC.)
-Good Spirit Week (Pajama Day is REQUIRED)
-School Events that we all would want to go to
-Productive relationships between the Student Body and ASB.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this message. To conclude, I genuinely want to make sure everyone’s experience at SAAS is a positive one. This is not a popularity contest, or opportunity to put something on my college application. Please vote for who ever you think will do the best job in representing the Seattle Academy Student Body.

Thanks Again, Kelsey Malone. 

Maxine McCuller

The bridge between students and faculty is an important one, and one that I think I would be successful in building. By running for ASB, I hope to bring a sense of unity and equality in a community that is separated so much by class, as well as strengthen the communication among them. This upcoming year will be my fourth year at Seattle Academy, and I believe that my strong relationships and positive experiences with the faculty will help me in a leadership position. This past academic year, I participated in Mock Trial and an introduction to Speech and debate; two classes that I believe strengthened my rhetoric and presentation skills. I am motivated by the prospect of further advancing those skills, developing new ones, and I believe that I could do a great job representing my class. 

Zac Purcell

I hope to not only be a leader as an athlete but also as a voice of reference to new saas students and whoever is needing assistance or guidance. I have played a large role in many extra curricular activitys, such as working with multiple Jewish organizations and also as a councilor at montlake community center. I have not had the opportunity to be a leader outside of sports at saas. I believe that I could accomplish by taking part in the Seattle academy asb. I want to be the voice of saas and have the students be heard! This last year I have at saas I would like to guide younger students and help them have the most successful and productive time at saas!


Michael Trask

Serving as a member of the Upper School ASB would be a thrill indeed, just as it has been serving as a Junior Grade Representative. I hope to bring a further attitude of focus, willpower, and determination to the front of our school’s community. In the past, we have made great plans for a great many things, but found difficulties in enacting them. Bringing my organizational experience to the ASB, and giving me the ability to rally to the occasion, may allow us to take these formerly wishful prospects and turn them into reality. Furthermore, I intend to bring a more active role toward my fellow ASB members, empowering the student body to the best of my ability.
On the topic of why I am running particularly, I only intend to enjoy this position, and wish to better connect myself to my peers throughout all grade levels. As we advance through the grades it can become easy to not look behind us, as such I hope to be able to bring the underclassmen more into the fold within our environment, as we all are part of the Seattle Academy experience.
I cannot promise the luxuries of which we have sought for in the past, but I can promise one thing: whatever the ASB sets its sights on, I will attempt to bring to realization. I will do my absolute best to represent this school’s wishes through my determination and organizational skills. If there is absolutely one thing certain about me and my endeavors it is that I, Michael Evan Trask, shall always be absolutely on the task. I shall do my part to bring our visions forth into reality, now comes your part. Vote Trask in the ASB, and, as always… STAY ON TASK! 

Sophie True 

My leadership experience began at the beginning of freshman year when I was elected the freshman treasurer. I was one of four serving on the student government and found that the position involved engagement with the students input for various activities. As a group we organized class socks, and planned many of the freshman events.
I continued to be on student government sophomore year as the sophomore representative of my house. At this time I was captain of two basketball teams and also attended the Student Diversity Leadership Retreat in order to widen my knowledge of leadership roles. During my junior year I attended a semester school in Maine for the first half of the year. This opened up different opportunities and leadership challenges.
If elected I will be open minded to all suggestions for change or improvement to the systems at SAAS currently in place. Though there are few systems that need any change at SAAS due to strong prior student governments, I would like to make small changes that would improve the speed and efficiency of how our school operates. For example, a main platform of our schools programs that I would like to change is the lunch system. I would like to expand the selections that are offered every lunch and add healthier options as well. It is also very important to me that all-school meetings be quick, entertaining and informative.

Alex Waggoner

I want to be in the ASB because I know people and people know me. I love helping others and despite a lack of experience in leadership I know that I can help my fellow students to excel in the best way possible in their senior year. I hope to be able to be a productive member of the ASB and to help plan events as well as improvements that are created and proposed by both the ASB and by our fellow student body. I know that in my previous years the ASB has been an uncelebrated force behind many of my favorite memories at saas and I want to be a part of bringing that to others. I don't care about being recognized or praised I just want to find a way to give back to a place that has given me so much. If I hadn't gone to saas then I am not sure the person I would be and I am almost certain that I would not have liked the person I would have become. I want to be a part of helping other students become who they want to be, like the ASB's before have done for me. Thank you.

Samantha Wu-Georges

Ever had a great idea but never got around to making it happen? Well, that may be about to change. I'm running for ASB for the 2015-2016 school year because I believe the SAAS community has the power to make the changes we want to see.
When I see a problem, I set out to change it. For example, I noticed that many kids (me included) were struggling in subjects, but weren't getting the outside help they needed to excel. So, I'm in the process of working with the administration to implement a peer tutoring program that will eventually allow any student to get peer help in any subject.
Ever wanted something at SAAS, but didn't know how to get it? Maybe you and your friends really could use a couch in the space where you eat lunch, or you just wish you had a mini fridge to store your smoothies in. Or maybe you just want the microwaves to get cleaned. That's where I'm proposing the Wishlist program, where a group of students can get together and fundraise (either within a class or as an entire upper school) to both build community and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.
I've got lots of ideas (tutoring and Wishlist programs are just the beginning), and I'm sure you do, too. Please don't hesitate to share with me any ideas that you may have to improve the SAAS experience or our broader community—there’s no such thing as insignificant positive change.
Thank you for reading my statement! If you have any questions about my vision for SAAS or just want to say hi, feel free to email me ( or come and talk to me in person. 2015-2016 will be a year in which, together, we make positive changes that reflect the needs of the community. I am humbled to be part of this great community with even greater potential and would be honored to receive your vote.