Winners of the Cardinal's Fall Raffle

Mireya Grey ‘17 (left) and Avidan Baral ‘18 (right) were the winners of the Cardinal Fall Raffle. Mireya won the Twitter section of the raffle and Avidan won the Facebook section. The raffle started two weeks before the end of normal classes and was available to everyone with, or who could make, a Twitter or Facebook account. The winners of the raffle were chosen randomly out of the followers of The Cardinal Twitter account and out of the people who like The Cardinal Facebook page. Both winners got a $20 gift certificate to a local business of their choice. We asked them a few questions about their choices and their experiences with The Cardinal. Here are their responses:


How did you choose use your gift certificate?

Avidan (chose Molly Moons): I just love ice cream (even though it's winter...) and it's one of the best ice cream stores.

Mireya (chose Cupcake Royale): I chose cupcake royale because it is tasty and expensive. I wouldn’t really go there unless I had a specific gift card. Since I have a giftcard, I think I will go there more.

What do you usually get there?

Avidan: I usually get something different every time, I love trying new flavors.

Mireya: The salted-caramel chocolate cupcake chocolate and maybe a hot cocoa.

What other places were you considering?

Avidan: I was considering various coffee shops.

Mireya: I was also considering Subway and High 5 Pie.

Had you already liked the Facebook page prior to the raffle?

Avidan: I did actually. I basically liked all SAAS related pages.

Mireya: I followed for the raffle.

Do you plan to continue to "like" or follow the accounts?

Avidan: Yes, definitely!

Mireya: Yes.

How do you normally interact with The Cardinal?

Avidan: Well, James Watson is my advisor so I hear about it then and also I visited one of the focus sessions once.

Mireya: I’ve been reading a lot of school related stuff lately.

How did you find out about the Raffle?

Avidan: I saw it on Facebook and all around the school.

Mireya: I don’t remember… I think it was by email.

How easy was that! All they had to do was follow or like one of the accounts to be eligible for the raffle. Stay on the lookout for our next one...