Beyond the Black Backpack - Weekly Fashion

Seattle Academy is an urban campus in the heart of Capitol Hill. Students thrive on the fast pace of the city around them and are constantly on the move. As most of our students walk two to three blocks to every class, the use of lockers is simply out of the question. So rather than stop between every class to get a new book, students rely on the heavy weight of their backpacks to house their lives. On any given day, students carry 4-6 books in their bags, along with other personal belongings. However, rather than settling for the traditional black backpack, students at Seattle Academy are switching it up and making their bags or backpacks an additional way of expressing their style. Be it a shoulder bag, cross body, or brightly colored backpack, students are getting innovative with the way they carry their books. We looked around campus to find some examples of people getting creative, and we were not disappointed. See for yourself!