Student Spotlight: Dancer Gigi Gedye

As seen before as young Clara in The Nutcracker, Gigi Gedye just finished her senior show as the Sugar Plum Fairy dancing for Cornish College of the Arts. Gigi has been dancing ballet for six years, beginning in grade seven. While previously dancing with Seattle Academy’s Dansation, Gigi was advised by instructor Anita Kuroiwa to try ballet. “I started dancing at Cornish and taking ballet there and immediately I got really into it,” says Gigi. While many people are not aware that ballet and dance are sports, Gigi practices six days a week with Saturday classes and rehearsals. She says one the hardest part of ballet is the physical pain that comes with this grueling sport. “[Ballet] is the type of activity where if you’re not working really hard, it is immediately visible to yourself and everyone around.”

All of this hard work paid off at she starred in Cornish College of the Art’s Nuctracker as the Sugar Plum Fairy in her senior show. Unfortunately, this demanding sport has exhausted Gigi as she searches for colleges. “I am feeling a bit burnt out. That might change when I get to college, but I am definitely not going to college for dance.” However, many of the school she is looking into offer dance as a major or minor.