About the Cardinal


The Cardinal believes that the SAAS community holds countless stories, and we exist to help share them. Our community’s intelligence, talent, and voice reach far beyond our classwork, and so, we believe, they deserve a home beyond it. The Cardinal aims to be that home. Run by a group of students, we provide a platform for everyone in the community to share our stories and see the stories our friends have shared. We have much to learn from each other, so the Cardinal invites you to share your story and join us in creating a home for SAAS’s creativity, culture, and community. Whatever your story involves, be it arts, athletics, intellect, or anything else, and whatever form it takes, be it creative writing, a recipe, a playlist, a photo gallery, or something we haven’t thought of yet, our staff of writers, editors, photographers, and illustrators is here to provide any help you need in sharing it. We hope you enjoy the Cardinal.


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The views expressed in The Cardinal are those of its individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of its staff, the collective SAAS community, or the school’s administrators. The Cardinal reserves the right to decline to publish any submitted works at its own discretion.