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The Core Values of Seattle Academy easily apply to professional scholastic journalism: Trust, Respect, Integrity, and Responsibility.

The purpose of the Cardinal is to provide the Seattle Academy community with a nonpublic forum for the exchange of viewpoints, to act as a news outlet, and provide entertainment. As a focus point which draws each part of the diverse community together, the Cardinal strives to be accurate, fair, and impartial in its coverage of issues that affect the total school population. As professional scholastic journalists, staff members and the editorial board will not publish solely on the basis of possible dissent or controversy. Staff are held to the standards of the Journalism Education Association, the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Scholastic Press Association, and the American Society for Newspaper Editors in order to report all issues in a legal, objective, and ethical manner.

The Cardinal is a student-run, student-produced news publication designated as an extracurricular academic club. Along with staff, content is subsidized by freelance student submissions and senior english elective classes run by staff adviser, James Watson. Any member of the student body may join the Cardinal at any time, but joining early in your high school career is recommended in order to create a lasting, professional community. Staff writers will be required to, in their time at the Cardinal, form a working knowledge of journalism fundamentals, writing, and meeting deadlines. The publication strictly adheres to a non-discriminatory policy against race, gender and sexuality, color, class, religion, disability, or nationality. As a member of the free student press, staff must conduct themselves as professional journalists as representatives for the publication and its standings. As a student-run organization, content is determined by and only reflects the views of the student staff, not school officials. This means each staff member assumes full responsibility for the publication.

The Cardinal will serve the best interests of students and faculty of SAAS, while keeping itself free from any commercial obligations distracting from this purpose; this is defined by the media itself. The media defines commercial distractions as: confliction with SAAS business campaigns; social portrayal of the school to its stakeholders; etc. Any decisions affecting the publication will be made by the editorial board, with the adviser giving legal advice or his/her opinion. Administration is not required to, but may view publication content before publication. Any editorial decisions are to be made by the newspaper, not by the administration. As a publication acting under the umbrella of a private institution, the Cardinal is not protected by First Amendment rights. However, it is the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief and Adviser  to maintain strong relationships with the necessary administrators in order to stand as free press.



James Watson  Faculty Adviser

James Watson
Faculty Adviser


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The views expressed in the Cardinal are those of its individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of its staff, the collective SAAS community, or the school’s administrators. The Cardinal reserves the right to decline to publish any submitted works at its own discretion.